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Any man who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head analyzed. Psychiatrists in Panchkula are a medical specialist with exceptional training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional passionate ailment.

What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the medical science claim to fame gave to the experiment, diagnosis, treatment, and aversion of mental disorders. These incorporate different emotions, nature, intellectual and perceptual irregularities.

The term “psychiatry” was first originated by the German doctor Johann Christian Reil in 1808 and truly implies the ‘therapeutic treatment of the spirit’ (psych-“soul” from Old Greek psykhē “soul“; – iatry “medical treatment” from Gk. iātrikos “medical” from iāsthai “to prevent”).

What’s a Psychiatrist? Find Best Psychiatrists in Panchkula.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who is Specialize in psychiatry. A psychiatrist is specialists who must assess patients to decide if their profession is the aftereffect of a physical disease, a mix of physical and mental, or an exactly psychiatric one. A Psychiatrist in Panchkula spends significant time in the analysis and treatment of the mental issue.

OSHO Clinic provides the Best Psychiatrists in Panchkula. They focus around giving psychotherapy (counselling treatment) to support patients. We are here to list the Top 10 Psychiatrists in Panchkula.

What is viewed as a psychiatric treatment?

Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of psychological maladjustment is given by a prepared emotional wellness proficient

The treatment of mental drugs and psychotherapy has turned into the most well-known method of psychiatric treatment in current practice, however current practice additionally incorporates a generally extending assortment of different modalities.

Treatment might be conveyed on an inpatient or outpatient premise, contingent upon the seriousness of useful impedance or on different parts of the disorder being referred to. Research and treatment inside psychiatry, in general, are directed on an interdisciplinary premise, sourcing a variety of sub-claims to fame and hypothetical approaches.

List of Top Free Online Self-Assessment tests on different mental health conditions to help you know yourself better:

List of Top 10 Psychiatrists in Panchkula

Are you searching for the Best Psychiatrist in Panchkula?

Specialists utilize several of medicines – including different types of psychotherapy, prescriptions, psychosocial mediations and different medications, (for example, electroconvulsive treatment or ECT), contingent upon the requirements of every patient. Psychotherapy, once in a while called talk treatment, is a treatment that includes a talking connection between a specialist and patient.

It very well may be utilized to treat an expansive assortment of mental issue and emotional troubles. The objective of psychotherapy is to kill or control incapacitating or upsetting indications so the patients can capacity better.

Depending upon the degree of the issue, treatment may take only a couple of sessions over up to 14 days or may take numerous sessions over a time of years. Psychotherapy should be possible exclusively, as a couple, with a family, or in a gathering.

1). Dr. R.K. Singla – Osho Clinic (Psychiatry & Psychology):

Osho Mind Care Clinic built up in the time of 2011. The journey started with a particular objective of all holistic curing in the field of psychiatric disorders and addiction disorders. Psychiatry being tremendous and still, a vast is covered up in a zone of psychiatric and addiction disorders, subsequently, we planned to remain refreshed with the most recent advances and discoveries in the service of psychiatry.

dr-rk-singla osho clinic panchkula

Osho Clinic is unique in that it is one of its sorts that joins psychiatry medication field with the otherworldly idea of mental curing. Different meditations and activities joined with. Standard practices in psychiatry give holistic and near-complete recovery in mental disorders.

Some of the List Services offered by OSHO Clinic:

  • Mental illness: Our Specialist Psychiatrists in Panchkula have extraordinary learning and experience to manage the mindset disorder and Child psychiatry issues. They are doing analysis and treatment of personality disorder and in addiction psychiatry.
  • Drug Addiction: Epidemic of Drug addiction in 21st century worldwide is known to us all. We all in a few or another way are connected or would in risk to get connected in this void of chronic drug use. Youth is including a disturbing pace in illicit drug habits.
  • Psychological Lab: Career Guidance, Drug Detection urine investigation in Drug Dependence, Evaluation of the seriousness of psychological instability and guided upgrade, ECT (electroconvulsive treatment). Drug deaddiction treatment in Panchkula

How to Reach Dr. R.K. Singla – Osho Clinic Panchkula?

Osho Clinic Panchkula: #716 Sector 4, PANCHKULA, Harayana, India.
Timing: Mon-Sat (10:00am – 1:00pm) | (5:00pm – 7:00pm)

Contact Number: +91 98786-45062, 0172-4044716

2). Dr. Rajeev Trehan – Psychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic:

Dr Rajeev Trehan is an MD Psychiatry, MBBS at Trehan Psychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic. Senior consultant psychiatrist. Specialist in Epilepsy, De-addiction, Sexologist & Mental illness, Dementia, child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Dr.-Rajeev Trehan Psychiatry

Dr Trehan has 25 years of experience and they are specialized in Psychiatrists, Neuropsychiatrist, Sexologist.

How to Reach Dr. Rajeev Trehan – Psychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic?

Psychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic #653, sector 12 Panchkula, Landmark: Opp. State Bank of India, Panchkula.
Timing: Mon-Sat (09:00AM – 01:30PM) | (03:30PM – 06:30PM) Sunday: (09:00AM – 02:00PM) | (07:00PM – 08:30PM)

Contact Number:

3). Dr. Rohit Kothari – Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Clinic:

Dr. Rohit Kothari is a 5 Years experienced Psychiatrist with a signified history of working in the Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Hospital & health care industry.

Dr-Rohit-Kothari-Sarvam-Neuropsychiatric-Clinic panchkula

Strong healthcare services professional with a D.N.B. focused in Psychiatry from the Institute of Mental Health and Hospital. Dr. Rohit Kothari provides his patients with the essential quality healthcare services in Panchkula Clinic. He is committed to the newest advancements and keeps up-to-date with the latest healthcare technologies. 

How to Reach Dr. Rohit Kothari – Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Clinic?

Sector-11 Panchkula
Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Clinic 1st Floor, S.C.O. No. 48, Sector-11, Landmark: Near HDFC Bank, Panchkula.
Timing: On-Call !

Kalka, Panchkula Address:
1st Floor, S.C.O. No. 48, Sector-11, Landmark: Near HDFC Bank, Panchkula.
Timing: Tue, Thu, Sat (10:00 AM – 05:30 PM).

4). Dr. Prannay Gulati – Neuro-Psychiatry and De-Addiction Clinic:

Dr. Prannay Gulati is 5 years of Experience Neuro-Psychiatry and De-Addiction Clinic, his effort is to help people holistically manage their problems. He prefers to give as much time as required to solve relevant issues.

Dr Prannay Gulati Psychiatry and De-Addiction Clinic

Dr. Prannay Gulati M.D. (Psychiatry), MBBS are expertise in Addiction Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist and 8 Years Experience Overall.

How to Reach Dr. Prannay Gulati – Neuro-Psychiatry and De-Addiction Clinic?

Sector-12, Panchkula:
Neuro-Psychiatry and De-Addiction Clinic
House No 581, Landmark: Near Main Market, Panchkula.
Timing: On-Call

Sector 20, Panchkula
Bimla Family Clinic
DSS 272 Basement, Landmark: Near La Pinoz Pizza, Panchkula.
Timing: Mon, Wed, Sat – (06:30 PM – 08:00 PM) | Fri: (07:00 PM – 08:00 PM)

Phase 3B-2, Mohali:
Indus Hospital
SCF 100, Scan Lab, S.A.S Nagar Mohali, Landmark: Near Sacha Dhan Gurudwara, Mohali.
Timing: Mon-Sat (02:30 PM – 05:00 PM)

Sector 34, Chandigarh
Mukat Hospital & Heart Institute
S.C.O 47,49, Landmark: Behind Toy Hotel, Chandigarh.
Timing: Tue, Thu-Fri (05:00 PM – 06:00 PM)

5). Dr. Vinay Bansal – IRCC Hospital:

Dr. Vinay Bansal M.D. (Psychiatry), MBBS is intense and empathises with his patient’s. He is 4 years as a specialist in Addiction Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatrist, and Forensic Psychiatrist.

Dr-Vinay-Bansal-IRCC-Hospital panchkula
[both medicinal and nonmedicinal] He is willing to assist and contribute quality time educating patients and family members regarding illness and treatment options. Having worked in different speciality centres, he is well equipped with a depth of knowledge. Trying to work with professional and personal humility as a Best Psychiatrists in Panchkula.

How to Reach Dr. Vinay Bansal – IRCC Hospital?

Sector- 17, Panchkula
IRCC Hospital
3, Landmark: Next to Gauri Shankar Mandir, Panchkula.
Timing: Tue, Thu-Fri (02:00 PM – 04:30 PM).

Zirakpur, Chandigarh
Amcare Hospital VIP Road, Landmark: Near CCC, Zirakpur, Chandigarh.
Timing: Mon, Wed, Sat (05:00 PM – 07:00 PM) | Sun (11:00 AM – 05:00 PM)

Why does someone see a Psychiatrist in Panchkula?

Psychiatrists have some expertise in diagnosing and treating individuals with psychological instability. Our Best Psychiatrists in Panchkula has a profound comprehension of physical and emotional well-being and how they influence one another.

Psychiatrists help individuals with psychological well-being conditions. for example, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, dietary problems and addiction.

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