Hornbill Festival 2024 in Nagaland – Dates | Top Things to Do in Nagaland

You might have heard about the very popular Hornbill Festival. But, are you aware? In which State Hornbill Festival is Celebrated? Let us help you out in understanding all about the Hornbill Festival. This is one of the biggest celebrations of the native warrior tribes of Nagaland.

This festival is celebrated every year from 1st to 10th December with full zeal & fervour. The commencement of this festival named after the bird revered in the traditional ethos of the Nagas. And, this is just to pay reverence and keeping the uniqueness in the heritage.

Now, you would definitely remember that the hornbill festival is celebrated in which state. So, don’t miss this chance, as the Hornbill festival 2024 is just around the corner. Plan your visit today! And, experience the festivities of this unique tribe that you haven’t experienced before!

Hornbill Festival 2024 Dates

Hornbill Festival 2024 is celebrated every year from the beginning of December, i.e., from the 1st to 10th.

The Venue of the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

  • The Hornbill Festival will be celebrated at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama.
  • Naga Heritage Village village is situated approx. 12km from Kohima.
  • Every day it starts at 9 am, so, you must reach there at the earliest.
  • You would need to buy the tickets from the section door. After that, pass in after a thorough security check.

Highlights of the Hornbill Fest

Things to do in Nagaland hornbill Festival

This fest is solely organized by the State Government of Nagaland. It showcases the traditional arts, folk songs, dances, and the native games of Naga tribes. You’ll experience a lot of things there, such as local handicraft stalls, delicious food stalls, etc.

Additionally, a film festival, adventurous activities, and kids’ carnival will be conducted. And, how can we forget the hottest part of this event? Didn’t you know? There is a unique Naga chilli eating competition which is literally the soul of the Hornbill festival.

Top 5 Things to Do in Nagaland Festival

  • Exciting opportunity to learn all about the interesting facts of Nagaland. Additionally, traditional arts, games, folk songs & much more.
  • Experience tribal life by exploring the replicas of tribal huts. Also, enjoy drum instruments beats at the day’s end.
  • Fling on delectable cuisines at the food stalls and also enjoy the traditional rice beer of Nagaland.
  • Be a part of the Naga Chili eating competition. It is considered as the best event of the Hornbill festival.

Now, you have learned everything about Hornbill Festival 2024. So, book your vacation today! Be a part of this celebration of togetherness and discover the diverse and beautiful culture of Nagaland!

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