6 Best Treadmill Brands in India for Home Use in 2024

With the expansion in the utilization of inexpensive food, the pace of individuals having heart illnesses has seen a noteworthy increment we will discuss the best treadmill brands in India for House use
4. Individuals everywhere throughout the world are stressed over their wellbeing and way of life.

With such feverish everyday practice in this day and age, it is critical to keep yourself truly fit to accomplish all the work. Fitness today can be simple when we have a collective idea about which is the best treadmill brand in India?

And which is the best treadmill brand in India with the price?

An individual needs to perform multiple tasks to address their issues, along these lines, for endurance, we should be genuinely fit.

The answer to this issue is directly here in the article which states around one of the hardware from the exercise centre that you can have at home and keep yourself fit.

In the modern era, we have plenty of options available for the best treadmill brands in India 2024 for home use.

8 Benefits of the Treadmill for Home use

Treadmills are cardio exercise machines made to convey practices like strolling, running or running in the rec centre or at your home.

This the most well-known cardio gym equipment in the rec centre and the home exercise centre. This machine is comprised of a steel outline that suits Running Track, Display board, Handle and other discretionary highlights.

The best treadmill brands in India 2024 for home use are available to help you with these situations. The extra assistance and discretionary highlights make the activity progressively agreeable and successful.

Ordinary exercise on the Treadmill gives numerous advantages to our wellbeing. Let have a small bunch of benefits of the treadmill for Home use.

  1. The most convincing part of having a treadmill at home is convenient according to your time.
  2. The workout environment will be homely.
  3. Treadmills are made to adjust the surfaces which smoother and shock-absorbing surfacing.
  4. The speed can be adjusted accordingly
  5. Treadmills accompany distinctive checking highlights like computerized shows for your calorie utilization, pulses observation, speed observation and setting.
  6. By this, you can without much of a stretch set your exercise programs, keep tabs on your development and improve bit by bit.
  7. Inclination adjustment is an incredible component of the treadmill. This is an incredible method to build calories consuming and consuming muscle to fat ratio quickly. This can make your body slender, firm and conditioned. This can likewise accelerate weight reduction.
  8. Heart strength, Muscles strength and consistency in a workout can be maintained while having a Treadmill at home.

Let’s See Which is the Best Treadmill Brand in India.

  1. POWERMAX FITNESS TDM-97 – 1.5 HP Motor, 90 Kg support and also budget-friendly Treadmill.
  2. Fitkit FT0982.25 HP DC Motor, Auto incline and auto lubrication, 110 Kg
  3. Powermax Fitness TDA-2302HP Motor, Semi-auto lubrication, 15% Auto Incline, 115 Kg capacity.
  4. Fitkit FT 200 series – 2.25 HP DC Motor, Auto incline, and auto lubrication, 110 Kg Capacity.
  5. Healthgenie 3911M1HP DC motor with 2.5HP Peak, 100 kgs User Weight.
  6. Cockatoo CTM 04Maximum user weight capacity – 110 Kg (Motor with 1.75HP, Speed range of 0.8 to 14.8 km/h).

How to Decide Which is the Best Treadmill Brands in India?

There are some Treadmill brands accessible in India which you can trust. I won’t give every single insight regarding the brands and elements of every treadmill except my own encounters and profound research permitted me to specify these:

  1. Healthgenie
  2. Fitkit
  3. Powermax

You can believe these brands for client assistance, structure, usefulness, strength, guarantee.

In any case, that is insufficient! You should be extra cautious here! and still, confused with which is the best Treadmill Brand in India?

  • In the wake of putting resources into a few wellness gears, I have discovered that similar hardware which ends up being amazingly valuable to other people, was a misuse of cash for me.
  • The straightforward explanation for it that everybody’s way of life, wellness objectives, and body needs are extraordinary.
  • Thus, you ought to recollect two or three things before purchasing a treadmill, and afterwards, it would be the savvies venture.
  • Highlights, as indicated by your body, needs like the individuals who are having knee issue ought to go for a treadmill which is having track padding. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean the treadmill without track padding isn’t acceptable.
  • Numerous treadmills are out there which are no 1 hit. In any case, it will be a misuse of cash for you if are experiencing joint agonies. What’s more, numerous other such factors are additionally there.
  • Regardless of what an online audit site or your companion is stating, you should check it for yourself. Since that can be appropriate for them yet not for you.
  • Purchase online on the grounds that it gives simple conveyance and appealing limits yet remembers to go to test yourself in the store before getting it.
  • In the first place, visit your PCP in the event that you are having a wellbeing condition, so that you will be clear on which is the best Treadmill brand in India.
  • Continuously use wellbeing tips on the grounds that occasionally, a treadmill can cause significant issues since it’s a machine all things considered.
  • Peruse client surveys cautiously on the site you are buying from. Likewise, see its rating and input, and so on.

6 Best Treadmill Brands in India for Home use in 2024

These machines are outfitted with assortments of highlights to augment treadmill benefits. Highlights like Adjustable speed, Adjustable surface tendency, Display, Auxiliary associations, and so on are accessible as per utilization and spending plan

1) Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Treadmill

No time for the rec center? The Powermax Fitness TDM-97 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill is your exercise center at your home.

This treadmill is intended for impeccable space-sparing and with a wide scope of highlights.

The treadmill has enormous 5.5″ LED show that shows Time (minutes you run), speed (of running), separation (kilometer you run), Calories (consumed every hour) and pulse tallies, it additionally offers the ideal space-sparing answer for your home exercise center and is perfect for ordinary running.

The greatest weight limit of this treadmill is 90 kg. The speed run is from 1 km for each hour to 12 km every hour. And also certified amongst best treadmill brands in India with the price.

There are 12 pre-set exercise programs. The engine is ground-breaking. It has an ordinary intensity of 2.25 hp and a pinnacle intensity of 4.5 hp. This is one of the most impressive treadmills in India. The explanation this is acceptable is because it obliges various kinds of clients.


  • It’s a powerful treadmill
  • It has a high weight limit
  • The highlights are acceptable
  • Easy moving


  • No cons as such

2) Fitkit FT098 Treadmill

Monitor your pulse and heartbeat rate while working out with the FIT KIT FT098 Motorized Treadmill. With a large group of highlights, for example, Energy-effective, e-engine beat screen, and speakers, this treadmill is anything but difficult to store and keep up.

buy Fitkit FT098 treadmill online at amazon
Free Standard Installation for this product. Contact brand for assistance @ 1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402
  • Free installation and service all across India. After Delivery please contact us on: [1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402] or WhatsApp on (+91-6260741910/ 11) (Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm) to register your installation. (Note: Service Schedule varies location to location)
  • Warranty: One-year warranty against motor and one-year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects. Suggested to use a proper stabilizer
  • Treadmill features– LCD display- time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, mode, preset programs, USB Port, MP3 Speakers, F+ App, Aux port and cable
  • Wheel for transportation, manual lubrication, foldable and easy installation
  • FIT PLUS Android & IOS App – To track your daily workout through Fitplus app, connect with your device & also with your fitness tracker (Samsung Health/Apple Health/Fitbit/Google fit).
  • 12 preset workout programs for an efficient workout and changeable modes, to create a customized routine of exercises
  • DC Green Efficient Motor with 1.5 HP, this treadmill can accommodate any user, from beginners to pros, from walkers to runners
  • Max user weight capacity – walking – 90 kg, running – 65 kg. Note: Treadmill has the user weight capacity at least 20Kg more than your current weight since the impact weight increases during running
  • Running surface (l x w) – 47 x 15.74 inches, 1200 x 400mm
  • Speed range of 1 to 12.8 km/h with heart rate sensors on handlebars
  • 90-degree folding designed for more space-saving and for easy mobility

Fitkit gives numerous wellness types of gear, and the Fitkit FT098 1.5HP mechanized treadmill is one of them. It is a foldable mechanized treadmill intended for serves the lethal blend of good looks and usefulness.

It is a perfect treadmill for local use since it is anything but difficult to store. This Fitkit treadmill is outfitted with stable steel outlines for enduring quality.

Any client, from amateurs to masters, from walkers to sprinters, can without much of a stretch oblige this treadmill. It gives you enough space to walk or run easily.

Fitkit is already a word which is the best treadmill brand in India. The treadmill has exceptional highlights and execution that pull in numerous wellness cherishing individuals. You’ll get all that you have to remain concentrated and on target while doing the exercise.

Fiktit is giving you everything all at-home wellness devotees could wish during an exercise meeting.


  • Shock Absorbing with cushion effects. The stun
    engrossing multi-layered running belt of this treadmill is had of high effect
    proficient evaluation material that is utilized by pro athletics groups.
  • This safeguard gives the ideal measure of
    padding by diminishing the stun.
  • These are intended to secure the knees of
    clients. It will ingest vibration and are non-dangerous.
  • In-constructed Speakers
  • You should module through your USB or AUX port
    and tune in to your preferred music during exercise meetings.
  • The advantageous side space for holding a cell
    phone permits you to rapidly access and change the music on it no problem at


  • Inferior Quality Material
  • The item felt so light during the exercise since it is comprised of second rate quality material.
  • The belt is excessively free and meager.

3) PowerMax Fitness TDA 230 Treadmill

When the remaining fit is your essential post, all you need is to discover approaches to remain fit. You should get going out for running every day without a vacation day. Isn’t that so? Also considered as the best treadmill brand in India for home use.

Assuming no, at that point you have to discover a path put to remain fit and solid. What’s more, what can be better than purchasing a locally established mechanized treadmill that offers comparable outcomes like that of a rec center and running outside?

  • Installation service provided across India on selected pin codes (Charges Apply). For requesting the installation of this product once delivered, please directly call Powermax Fitness support on 916-7405-266 or WhatsApp on 916-7405-266, provide your name and order invoice. (Note: Service Schedule varies location to location. T&C apply)
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 2.0 HP DC Green Efficient Motor
  • 18 Level Auto Incline for an intense workout
  • 5.5inch Bright Blue LCD Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate
  • Max User Weight : 115 kg
  • Speed: 0.8 to 14.0 km/h with Speed Select Hot Keys
  • Smart Run Function to Record your own workout program.
  • BMI FAT Function, 12 Pre-set Programs for efficient workout & 3 Target based Modes
  • Heart Rate sensor on Crossbar Handle
  • Dual Shock Spring with ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System
  • Mobile & Tablet Holder for safekeeping your smart devices while running
  • Hydraulic Softdrop System (HSS) for Easy Folding & Unfolding
  • Running Surface (L X W) – 1260 x 420mm / 49.6 x 16.5 inches
  • Auto Lubrication for Easy Maintenance, Running Belt: Multi-ply urethane coated high conductivity polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface of 1.8mm thickness
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation

With the numerous choices accessible in the market and at a scope of costs, picking one that can offer wanted outcomes end up being an incredible decision.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230 is one of the most recent wellness types of gear in the market. Regardless of whether you are searching for a treadmill that you need to introduce in your home and office, this is a perfect decision for you.

No longer with one such propelled monster in your home, you have to bargain with an extraordinary exercise meeting. This all-new machine by Powermax is known to have gotten the job done the requirements of the wellness coaches.


  • Safety shock absorption spring
  • Auto-stop functionality
  • Great incline and speed control
  • Sturdy Mainframe
  • Energy Saving motor


  • Speaker can be better
  • Small rare weels

4) Fitkit FT 200 Treadmill

The new Fitkit FT200 arrangement has been another necessity of the individuals. With a portion of the extraordinary highlights incorporated into this machine, this new treadmill is turning into the main thing ready to fulfill the variable needs of individuals.

buy Fitkit FT 200 series treadmill brand in indian

This is a top of the line treadmill accessible in the market at a low spending plan just to assist individuals with keeping up a fit and solid way of life.

With quality edge, astounding blue-hued LED and sufficiently boisterous speakers, this treadmill has coordinated practically all the very good quality sight and sound highlights in it.

Free Standard Installation for this product. Contact brand for assistance @ “1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402” and due to the recent government restriction, installation service may be delayed
  • Free installation and service all across India. After Delivery please contact us on: [1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402] or WhatsApp on (+91-6260741910/ 11) (Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm) to register your installation. (Note: Service Schedule varies location to location)
  • Warranty: One-year warranty against motor and one-year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects. Suggested to use a proper stabilizer
  • Treadmill features– LCD display- time, speed, calories burned, heart rate monitoring, mode, preset programs, MP3 Speakers, Aux port and cable
  • DC Green Efficient Motor. With a strong 2.25HP motor, this treadmill can accommodate any user, from beginners to pros, from walkers to runners.
  • FIT PLUS Android & IOS App – To track your daily workout through the Fitplus app, connect with your device & also with your fitness tracker (Samsung Health/Apple Health/Fitbit/Google fit).
  • Wheel for transportation, auto lubrication, cooling fan, foldable and easy installation
  • 12 preset workout programs for an efficient workout and changeable modes, to create a customized routine of exercises
  • Maximum user weight capacity – 110 Kg. Note always choose a Treadmill that has user weight capacity at least 20 Kgs more than your current weight since the impact weight increases during running.
  • Speed range of 1 to 16 km/h with heart rate sensors on handlebars.
  • Easy folding & Un-folding with Hydraulic drop-down system for more space-saving & easy mobility.
  • Running surface (l x w) – 48 x 16.53 inches, 1240 x 420mm

This is a treadmill that can fulfill the necessities of clients, from tenderfoots to star sprinters.

No more you have to constrain your necessities in light of the financial limit as this progressed mechanized treadmill is accessible inside INR 40000 and henceforth gets reasonable for the clients.

Since the vast majority of the top of the line machines with such highlights are accessible with an immense sticker price of INR 80000, this is a gift for the individuals. which is again one of the Best Treadmill
Brands in India for Home Use 2024.

So whatever you need can be effortlessly fulfilled by this progressed Fitkit FT200 treadmill.


  • Incredible Build up quality
  • Great stun retention
  • Incredible Addition
  • Able size of running belt
  • Incentive for cash
  • Spending Friendly


  • The only cons for this Treadmill are low speaker

5) Healthgenie 3911M Treadmill

Remaining fit and sound is the prime need of the present date and which is the reason running has become a standard method for working out for individuals.

buy Healthgenie 3911M treadmill online

Indeed, the greater part of the individuals choose going out to run each day, however because of different issues they likewise will, in general, avoid their activity meeting the greater part of the days.

  • Service Support: Healthgenie provides onsite service support all across India. For any service support, the Healthgenie technician would reach onsite within 48-72 hours on the customer cost.
  • DIY Installation: Healthgenie 3911M Treadmill comes in 95% Pre Installed (Only 3 pairs to be screwed). Tools and fittings are provided for Do-It-Yourself installation. Installation video available in the image tab and on the official YouTube channel of Healthgenie India Pvt Ltd.
  • Warranty & Warranty Activation: 3-year warranty against frame & 1-year warranty on Motor & other parts. To activate your warranty, just call our customer care team within 30 days of purchase.
  • Motor Power 1.0 HP DC Motor (2.5 HP at Peak), Recommended for Home Use and Speed Range 0.8 to 10 Km/Hr. Suggested to use a proper stabilizer with Treadmill; Capacity to bear up to 95kgs, It also comprises quality speakers that enable a good sound experience while you are running on the treadmill.
  • Running surface (L x B): 1100mm x 395mm (43 inch x 15 inch) & Maximum User Weight: 100 kgs. Easily Foldable to maximize space usage.
  • LED display shows Time, Distance, Speed, Calories burned, Heart Rate, 12 Preset programs, MP3 Speakers, Aux Port and Aux Cable.
  • Wheels for easy transportation, Powerful Noiseless Motor, Super Shock Reducing Function. IPAD & Mobile/ Tablet holder for safekeeping your devices while running.
  • Customer Care: Please call 01148323232 for Warranty, Installation Support or Any Other Queries (Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm).

The treadmill does likewise work as that of running outside, and accordingly, the greater part of the individuals are picking this treadmill nowadays.

The new Healthgenie 3911M is one such treadmill that has been as of late included the market. With this, it proves to be the best Treadmill Brand in India for Home use 2024.

If you need to do speed strolling or running, this treadmill is an extraordinary consideration. With a LED show being given before the screen, clients can keep track of the separation secured, speed, shows, pulse, and calories consumed.

If you are a tenderfoot and need to achieve your day by day wellness schedule, the new Healthgenie 3911M is a decision that can offer extraordinary outcomes.


  • Extraordinary Packaging
  • Simple Installation
  • 12 Preset Programs:
  • Smooth Operation
  • Bluetooth for sound
  • Quality is Superb
  • Doesn’t Make Noise


The only part you might have to compromise with is speaker quality.

6) Cockatoo CTM 04 Treadmill

Cardio is a significant piece of our every day lives. This requires moving out each day, which gets incomprehensible for clients. Running and running is a known exercise with regards to keeping up a sound way of life.

buy online Cockatoo CTM 04 treadmill reviews

You can get incredible physical make-up, yet besides, you can discover weight decrease to an impressive degree. At the point when you have a treadmill in the solace of your home, you can procure an extraordinary outcome.

Free Standard Installation for this product. Contact brand for assistance @ “95245-00088/ 62838-22621” and due to the recent government restriction, installation service may be delayed.
  • Free Installation across India. Please call +91-95245-00088 to register for installation (Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm). You can also register your installation through WhatsApp (Please drop a message with Name, Order ID, Contact Number & address on +91 62838-22621 )
  • Warranty Details: 3 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty & LifeTime Frame Warranty
  • Technical Feature: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure
  • Running Surface(LxB): 390 – 1100 mm(15.3″ x 43.3″)
  • Motor Power: 2 HP
  • Maximum User Weight: 90 Kg
  • Incline Level: No Incline
  • Speed Range: 0.8-10 Km/h
  • Display: 5″ LED Display
  • Other Feature: AUD, Foldable & Moveable, Easy Installation & With Massager
  • Sales Package: One Treadmill & One Massager
  • Advised to use voltage stabilizer for the safety of motor
  • Belt Thickness: 1.4 mm
  • 12 preset workout programs for an effective workout, Changeable mode will help to plan structured exercise

With regards to gaining an alluring body, you have to turn out routinely. With an extraordinary treadmill, you can normally continue practicing and appreciate better wellbeing. Besides, nowadays the treadmills are structured remembering concerning the condo size.

The treadmills accessible nowadays have the space-sparing structures which empower you to keep the machine in an appropriate condition. Having the option to overlay totally, you never again require a devoted room or space. Simply ensure you unfurl the machine and once finished with practicing fold and keep it in some corner.

The Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill not just has a space-sparing structure which implies it can without much of a stretch be kept in some corner or the capacity, yet also, it has a fabulous computerized show that shows all that you are doing which counts it in best Treadmill in India for Home use 2024.

With incredible highlights, it turns into phenomenal incorporation in your day by day exercises.


  • Item Quality
  • Extraordinary Weight Support
  • Phenomenal massager
  • Simple to Install
  • Incentive for Money
  • Lightweight


  • No grade
  • Steady Increase in speed

Tips to Make Treadmill Last Longer (Maintenance)

Buying a treadmill for home is certainly a savvy choice as it helps in getting fit as well as improves your general wellbeing.

Having a treadmill at home is advantageous for some as they don’t need to make a trip to the Gym communities, promptly in the first part of the day, hang tight for their turn and afterwards use it.

Notwithstanding, since the treadmill is major speculation, you’ll need to take legitimate consideration of it to guarantee it goes on for quite a while with the goal that your venture won’t go squander.

For what reason Should You Maintain Your Treadmill? Obviously, even I loathe cleaning and upkeep work like each one.

Be that as it may, we must take legitimate consideration of our treadmill with the end goal for it to run easily with no issues.

All things considered, it is helping us improve our well-being, even though we’re putting incredible weight on its parts, without which it won’t work appropriately and you’ll need to begin searching for another treadmill.

The Question Arises on Best Treadmill Brands in India 2024 for Home Use

1. Does a treadmill squander a ton of power?

On a normal, treadmill utilizes between 600 to 700 watts of intensity. Thus, indeed, they need a great deal of power. The most raised concept in everyone’s mind before going on the best treadmill brands in India 2024.

2. How much space do I require for a treadmill?

You need a base space of 3 feet wide, 5 feet stature (without collapsing) and 6 feet long with extra open space of 5 feet behind the treadmill when it is in working position.

3. Are treadmill engines AC or DC?

By and large, home-use treadmills have DC engines while the business exercise centre treadmills accompany AC engines that require a committed electrical cable. Evaluation is a must before you buy a treadmill, best treadmill brands in India with a price.

4. Is manual treadmill terrible for knees?

The manual treadmill machine comes up short on the belt padding framework and thus greatly affects your knees and hip joints. It is just useful for apprentices and more established individuals who simply walk or run.

5. Is manual or electric treadmill better?

A mechanized treadmill offers more capacity to your exercise while a manual treadmill gets exhausting following a couple of days.
What’s more, practising on an electric machine is more enjoyable than a manual running machine

6. Is it ok to run on a treadmill ordinary?

Your muscles should be loose so as to recuperate from the exercise and to show the outcomes. Thus, take a vacation day once per week for the best outcomes. For this, it is more convenient to choose, which is the best treadmill brands in India.

7. Can you get thinner on a treadmill?

Indeed, obviously. You’ll consume calories while running on a treadmill. The more calories you consume, the more weight you’ll lose.
For better outcomes, ensure your pulse is in your fat consuming zone (for min 30 minutes) while you work out.

8. Can you lose paunch fat by running on a treadmill?

Spot decrease is a fantasy. Running on a treadmill will consume calories for generally fat misfortune alongside the instinctive fat underneath your stomach muscles.
Thus, you’ll lose your general weight and tummy fat is only one piece of your weight reduction. For fitness and a healthy lifestyle, one needs to know the best treadmill brands in India for home use.

Last but not least thoughts on the Best Treadmill brands in India for home use in 2024

This finishes up my rundown of the best treadmills to purchase in India. I energetically suggest that you purchase a treadmill for your home. There are various reasons:

  1. It’s less expensive than heading off to the exercise centre
  2. It causes you and your relatives remain fit
  3. It’s advantageous to work out whenever you need

There are likewise different utilizations for purchasing a treadmill. For instance, on the off chance that you need to open an exercise centre, at that point you’ll need to purchase a great deal of hardware.

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