7 Best French Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

The demand for French coaching classes in Chandigarh has recently been driven by the city’s growing job market for French speakers, partly influenced by the city’s connection with the French architect Le Corbusier, who planned Chandigarh. Finding a suitable foreign language institute can be challenging, but here’s a comprehensive list of institutes offering French language courses in Chandigarh for 2024.

French classes are becoming more popular in Chandigarh because there are many jobs for French-speaking people. The famous French architect Le Corbusier planned Chandigarh, so there’s a connection to France.

Finding a school to learn a foreign language is hard. Universities in France are some of the best, but students need to know some French before they can study there. To prove you know French well, you have to take a language test and get a certificate.

Top 7 French Coaching Classes in Chandigarh with Fees for 2024

1. Ccube Academy French Institute

Established in 2003, Ccube Academy is a notable French coaching centre in chandigarh offering French language courses beginners to advance level. They provide a structured learning environment focusing on practical training and skill development.

Advantages of Learning French

  • Career Opportunities: French speakers are in demand in various industries like travel, hospitality, and more.
  • Beautiful Language: French is elegant and melodious, making it a pleasure to learn.

Courses Offered

  • Beginner’s Level: A1 and A2 levels, 50 hours each.
  • Intermediate Level: B1 and B2 levels, 80 hours each.
  • Advanced Level: C1 and C2 levels, 80 hours each.

Key Highlights

  • 100% guidance with master classes.
  • E-learning portal and interactive learning environment.
  • Small class sizes (8-12 students) for personalized attention.
  • Focus on project-based learning and practical training.
  • Also offers Spanish and German language courses.

2. Kochiva Linguistics

Kochiva Linguistics is the premier school in Chandigarh, offering well-structured French language courses. They provide online French classes with expert faculty trained at the C1/C2 levels. Students are prepared for tests like DELF, DCL, and TCF.

Courses Offered

  • Beginner’s Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

3. Alliance Française

Alliance Française de Chandigarh, recognized by the French Embassy in India, offers various spoken french classes and cultural programs. They have highly experienced faculty, excellent infrastructure, free parking, and internet access.

Key Highlights

  • Recognized by the French Embassy in India.
  • Offers a variety of French language courses and cultural activities.
  • Highly experienced faculty and excellent infrastructure.
  • Free parking and internet access are available.

4. Canada Dreams Academy

Canada Dreams Academy offers stress-free French language courses with personal attention due to small batch sizes. They also provide free counselling sessions.

Key Highlights

  • Unique teaching methods with stress-free learning.
  • Personalized attention with small batch sizes.
  • Free counselling sessions are available.

5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is known for its well-organized infrastructure and high-quality education. They offer 100% practical training and support for exams like DELF and TCF.

Key Highlights

  • Well-organized infrastructure with high-quality education.
  • Comprehensive French language programs.
  • Preparation for DELF, TCF, etc.
  • 24×7 lifetime support and practical training.

6. New Cambridge College

New Cambridge College provides compact French language courses with flexible timings suitable for students and working professionals.

Key Highlights

  • Providing high-quality French classes since 2005.
  • Structured teaching approach with skilled teachers.
  • Compact French language courses.
  • Flexible timings are suitable for students and working professionals.

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7. Coral Institute of Languages

Established in 2005, the Coral Institute of Languages offers comprehensive French classes emphasizing grammar, vocabulary, reading, and speaking skills.

Advantages of Learning French

  • Widely Spoken: French is spoken by 300 million people on five continents and is the 5th most spoken language in the world.
  • Career Opportunities: French speakers can work in various industries, including travel, tourism, and international organizations.
  • Beautiful Language: French is known for its elegance and musical sound.


Enrolling in a French language course in Chandigarh is crucial for career advancement and personal growth. Choose the right institute that suits your needs and start your journey to proficiency in French today!

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